Email I got from detectives!!!

This is a terrible situation and does have some problems that may be difficult to overcome due to the time. With that being said we are more than happy to attempt to help in anyway we can and to make this a case in the interest of justice. We would need to meet to discuss in details the incident as well as potential witnesses. Set up a meeting and let’s attempt to get something done. 

I am so excited about this news!!!!  



  1. I am a survivor too. I was sexually propositioned by female teachers in elementary school and later found out when doing research for my book that all of the adults in the community knew about the teachers actions and did nothing about it. (I was 8 years old) I was sexually abused by a male councillor at a local community center after passing out on drugs. (I was 12 or so) I was offered money clothing and jewelry by my mothers friends in front of her and everyone seemed to think that all of it was funny and all laughed. (I was 13 years old) I was living on with a girl by the time I was 15 years old, running afterhours clubs and selling stolen goods. I graduated to selling drugs, pimping and collecting money on overdue debts. When I started going to jail everyone asked, “What is wrong with you?” I am a lifetime away from all that now and I felt compelled to tell you that you are not alone and I do understand what you mean by being groomed. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you find happiness and peace.


      • It certainly was so screwed up for so long, because of all of the things that happened to me when I was helpless. I still wake up trembling from childhood memories, or from memories of the things that I grew up to do to others from my grooming. I write my post and have written 2 books, in hopes that the sharing helps not only the abused but also those abusing children or thinking of abusing children to understand what they are creating, when they violate the innocent or ignore the pleading. Your story touched my heart and invoke sad and terrifying memories. Thank you for sharing your story. I think that you will find comfort and peace with the realization that with your courage you demonstrate by sharing your story will help so many others to recognize the signs, have the courage to speak out and the wisdom to seek help. Thanks again for sharing and may you find peace and love to at least dull if not totally replace the sad emotions of the past. Good night and sweet dreams.


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