My Innocence, N…

My Innocence, Never To Regain
© Ellen
If God granted me one wish
I know what it would be.
To return the child’s innocence
That you stole from me.
You said it was all right
All Daddy’s play this game.
I felt that it was wrong
And thought I was to blame.

Daddy can’t you see
The shame you gave to me.
There’s so much guilt inside my soul
I never will be free.
I used to think that God was blind
For me, he had no love.
I was told that he was watching,
All of us from above.

If so, why did he let it happen?
Why bestow me so much pain?
My soul, my being, shattered
My innocence, never to regain.
Daddy, you took away my innocence
I’ve loved and hated you for years,
As I sit here writing
I’m holding back the tears.

The Bible says to Honor thy Father
But, I doubt he meant this way.
I’m gaining back my self respect
I pray for it everyday.
I’m older now and found my faith
There’s only one to blame.
I know now that God loves me
He loves us all the same.


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