No Way Out © Lo…

No Way Out
© Louise
He came into my life
when I was just a little girl
I was happy and young
And then he changed my world

One night I was in bed
And he came to say goodnight
except he took a little longer
before he turned out the light

He really hurt me that night
And I didn’t know what to do
I thought it happened to most
well every little boy and girl

I lay in bed that night
Hurting inside and out
tears streaming down my face
I tried hard not to shout out

I put that tragic night
to the back of my head
playing games at school
there was nothing to be said

A year had passed along
and then it happened again
My mum was out at work
it was him and me again

I was sat next to him
just watching the TV
when he pulled me close to him
and again molested me

I thought it only happened once
When I had done something bad
but now I knew I was wrong
I felt alone and sad

And 8 years on I got
the courage to tell someone
the police got involved and stuff
I was hated by my mum

she kicked me out that day
and stuck right by his side
saying I was attention seeking
and that it was all lies

so in the end it got too much
and I told the police I lied
everything went back to normal
I swear I wish I’d died

everything was going well
until he sent me those texts
saying he would kill himself
it was all my fault instead

so I went back to the police
and told them it all again
he’s moved out for now
its investigating time again

but my mum still hates me
and thinks its all a lie
I feel so alone right now
I wish I would just die

I’ve told a couple of friends
but its hard for them you see
to put up with something as stupid
as a teenager like me

all I do is mope and cry
because no-one understands
what I feel inside each day
please someone take my hand

I cut myself sometimes
When the pain gets too much
I hate him for what he did
and where he used to touch

I often think I’ll run away
or step into the road
my future seems so black and dim
I’m only 17 years old

And if the case is dropped
he will come back home again
and I’ll be back to where I began
In a world of sadness and pain

I hope someone hears my cry
and says they understand
I just don’t know what to do anymore
I’m scared and on my own

So you see I’m stuck forever
I just want to scream and shout
But there’s something you have to know
That for me, there’s no way out


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