This poem is de…

This poem is dedicated to all of the young girls who are crying out for help. Maybe someone doesn’t believe you now. But keep trying to speak up & get help. Don’t end up like the young lady in this poem. a similar thing happened to me. At first nobody believed me but I kept trying to reach out & get help. Eventually a very special person who I explained my story to, helped me before it was too late. The man who hurt me is now behind bars where he should be & he can never hurt another girl for the rest of his life. so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t give up hope. reach out & get help. no girl deserves to go through what I went through…
© Joyce Alcantara
There is a reflection of pain in her eyes, as she fights back tears.
Trying to figure out why she has put up with it all of these years.
Innocence gone.
Just taken away.
Struggling to deal with it & be free someday.
Tries to tell someone but no one believes her cries.
Just another young girl getting some attention through lies.
Suicide has crossed her mind but she will not go out that way.
Thinking well maybe if he can’t find me, he just won’t rape me today.
Perfect smile.
Broken soul.
Living in this situation that she just can’t control.
Things get worse & he beats her more.
Loses all self respect for herself when he comes through that door.
Fed up & full of hope she tried to fight back.
He pulled out a knife, all she saw was black.
Out of her misery & out of her pain.
Put her in such a place that she can’t even explain.
But she tried to tell someone although they didn’t believe her cries.
Just maybe if someone would have listened…this young girl would still be alive.


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