Here is the thing

The thing about coming forward and telling my story is that people are going to get mad.  Feathers are going to get ruffled and feelings are going to get hurt.  People who thought they knew my parents are going to be shocked.  People who thought they knew the man that raped me are going to be shocked.  I understand that.  I understand wanting to deny it away.  I understand being angry.  I don’t understand attacking the victim.  If you are a victim of sexual assault, you know how hard it is to tell what happened to you.  You know the dread and fear of saying the words.  You know the terror of being blamed.  Why blame another victim who is just trying to tell the world about what happened?

Why lie about rape?  Who even wants to talk about it?  It is like a stigma of our society.  No one even wants to confront it happened.  So, why lie about it? 




  1. I understand you. I am having to write my blog anonymously because of fear of harm. It is no good to live in secrets. My page gives me freedom to have a voice. People in my life would be shocked to hear my story too. My grandparents were conservative christian teachers “loved by all”. Everyone knew our family name. I have become very good to wear the family mask all these years. You smile and hope no one sees the real you. The few friends that I have that truly know me are one of a kind. If you can, walk boldly into the truth, because it is the light. So many hurts will be banished just by sharing them. But be prepared there will be the nay sayers, the condemners, those that say you are bad, that everything was your fault. Don’t listen to them. don’t let their ruffled feathers become stuck in your side. You are free, don’t let other people’s opinions of you pull you down. Their opinions don’t matter as long as you know the thoughts of God. Those ones matter. In his eyes you matter.


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