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Every day brings a new perspective on the abuse I faced.  I know for some of my family reading this that it is hard to believe because these are good people. What is your definition of good?

If good is beating (or whipping, if that is the word you prefer.  Or how about spanking) your daughter until blood runs down her legs.  If good is touching your daughter when she hits puberty.  If good to you is controlling kids with fear tactics and the wrath of God.  If you think good is encouraging your son to hurt animals, then you need help.  You seriously need a reality check.

The truth is scary, I understand that.  I totally get that people think I am trying to just get attention.  My goodness, if it was attention I wanted, I would fake a pregnancy.  That is just the truth.  Why lie about rape, it just doesn’t make sense?

I think the first step of dispelling the myth that rape isn’t ‘done’ by good people.  Good people rape.  According to the news, good people do stupid things.  When you say, “He/She wouldn’t do that because they are a good person, you are victim blaming and taking the side of the rapist.” The following is an article of how good men do rape.

I have known that person for 25 years, I know they wouldn’t abuse a kid.  Just because that person didn’t rape or abuse you when you were a kid doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen to me. 

Rapists and abusers come in all shapes and sizes.  Sunday school teachers, friends, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends, uncles, aunts, and more.  ANYONE can be an abuser and the most important thing is to know the signs.  Here are a few sources that help understand signs.


It is our job as adults, and even more so as survivors to know the signs and to do something.  That is what it is all about we as a society much stop rape, molestation, and child abuse. 

I know how I feel from the abuse I faced, and I would never want another to feel the way I do.  I can’t stand by and let people like my parents and my uncle hurt kids.  If I don’t step up and do something, the cycle continues and I want to break it.




  1. I am proud of you sweetheart. You are putting a lot of time into researching these things in order to help others. I wish I could hug you but too many miles between us right now. I am still talking to santa about flying me out there for a week.

    Rape is a crime ANYONE can commit. Look how many priests are getting in trouble for molesting young boys. They are “good” people too. I have never been raped, so I do not know the aftermath. I DO write about non consensual stuff though and in that I do hope I capture the depth of depravity it brings. If one of my stories can help someone then I have accomplished what I set out to do.

    Even though I write in the adult market in EVERY single book are quiet little portions that teach people how to pray. There are scenes that are heart felt as well as terrifying. But every word I pen I pen because the readers NEED to hear these things, need to see them in their own life and take action on them.

    For those reading this blog, I am Morgan’;s biological mother. And although many things about us are very similar we touch two totally different groups of people. She is very sincere about her faith, as am I but the path I have chosen reaches a far different crowd.

    I reach out to those committing said crimes. I write about THEIR fantasies and I hope they read about them and NEVER EVER do them.

    Morgan and I have begun our healing process for our broken family. It took years to get to this point and it will take years to get to the place of peace with all of my children.

    Morgan is a strong woman and for that I am proud of her. She spoke out when her entire adoptive family ridiculed her for it. They called her a liar. One thing about Morgan, ever since she was a young child, she does not lie. Part of that might be due to the fact that she lied once and I made her use a toothbrush and wash her mouth out with soap. Since that day Morgan has never lied again.

    What you read here from here is true. She created this blog as a form of therapy and a strange thing happened. It oddly has helped me as well. It has helped me see everything she has gone through and how she is today. I love Morgan and cannot say enough of how proud I am of her.

    Keep up the great work sweetheart!


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