Less Stress in knowing a loving God

I decided to stop having my adoptive parents in my life July 26, 2013.  I was tired of their hypocrisy and judgment.   They claimed to be followers of Jesus, but they didn’t know him.  I never once saw them read the Bible and the bible verses they quoted were not really in the Bible.  The last time I talked to my adoptive dad was right before Thanksgiving.  He told me, “If you raise your hand to strike a child of God, He will strike you down.” I just laughed.  God isn’t like that.  God is loving and caring.  He cries when we hurt and laugh when we smile.  He isn’t waiting with a baseball bat to beat us down every chance He gets.  He isn’t waiting for us to mess up so He can take pleasure in punishing us. I couldn’t serve a God that was so vengeful, He would be too much like my parents.  I am so happy to know that I serve a God that is loving and smiles when He thinks of me. 

I was meditating in prayer at a prayer meeting about a year ago.  I was thinking of Jesus and how much He loves us.  I smiled and kind of giggled at the next thought I had.  I could see Him looking down and seeing the progress I have made on my healing journey.  I could see Him being so proud of how I have been learning more about who He is and how I am trying to put what I have learned into action.  I suddenly saw Jesus smiling down and getting so excited.  I could see him bragging on me in Heaven.  He was telling all the angels about me and that made me feel so good.  I got even more excited when I realized that He did that for everyone.  I was so relieved to know that Jesus has a vested interest in our lives.  He is there for every milestone, nightmare, healing, tear, laugh, smile, and breath.  It is so wonderful to know that even though I was failed by my adoptive parents, Jesus happily takes their place.  😀


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