As this week comes to a close, I am thinking of this past week.  I realized that I was so angry. I was so angry that my family could betray me in such a way.

I know they see my blogging about this as betraying them.  I don’t care.  Well, I do care.  Kind of. 

I care in a way that it is hard to explain.  I care because they are helping someone who hurts little kids. If that is betrayal, then so be it.  I will betray them to the ends of the Earth and I already have.

I do know for a fact that they read my blog, and I just want them to know that forgiveness doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  You can’t forget that someone that rapes you and abuses you. I am not sorry that I refused to stand by and allow myself to be treated like that. 

They can pretend that it didn’t happen, but my adopted mother taught me that “what is done in the dark comes to light.” When they all lay their heads down to sleep at night, they know.  They know.  When he does it again, there is no if’s, there is a when, he will,  I will have this blog to back the other one up.

He is a sick man that knows how to twist people. He makes me sick and they all are sick.  I can’t believe that someone who claimed me as her sister would look me in the eye and say she chose a man that rapes kids.  She makes me sick.  I can’t believe a Christian could do something like that. 

I am just really bitter and angry right now.  I have the right to be.



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