Therapy Session

I went to therapy all upset about how it seems like my family is just pretending that nothing happened.  My therapist pointed out that it was exactly that.  Pretending.  I kept talking about how lost and confused I felt that I had been used by those I trusted most.  I couldn’t believe that they would allow this man to continue hurting girls.  They think he isn’t, so they keep having teen girls over to their house for sleepovers.  How much of an idiot do they have to be?  People like him don’t stop.  It is like a sick twisted addiction to him. 

So, my therapist and I prayed that he would get caught and go to jail.  I want to ask all my readers to join with me in prayer that he will get caught and go to jail.  Normally I wouldn’t ask for such a thing, but if he is doing it to someone else, he needs to be stopped.  He needs to be stopped for the 3 people he has already hurt.

For my therapist to pray such a thing, I felt it would be OK to ask for help praying for this..



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