Just a thought and a question

One of the things that upsets me is that my adoptive mom thinks she can claim that I never used the “R” word with her.  What she means is that I never said I was raped to her.  However, I used phrases such as, “He made me”  “I didn’t want to” “I told him no” but none of that matters to her.  I feel like any person that had any sense would know that by my saying that, it means I was raped.”(I did use that word when I told his wife though.) My adoptive mother is just trying to blow smoke over the fact she was a crappy mother.  She didn’t do anything when her daughter was assaulted.  I don’t even know how she can call herself a mother.

So, my question is: If a friend, sibling, parent, cousin basically any person came to you crying and saying that they were forced to have sex with someone and didn’t want to, what would you do/say? 

In today’s society, there is a movement that instead of focusing on “Did they say no?” it is more of the idea of “Did they say yes?” I never said yes.  I never wanted it.  I feel like only an idiot would be able to look at me and say, “Just get over it. He said he was sorry.” Only an idiot would pretend her husband wasn’t capable of something like this.


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