I would have lost heart….

My husband and I decided to get me a new Bible this past week.  The one I was using now was one I got the same night I was first molested.  My rapist would tell me stories and say to always have my bible with me when I was scared.  That it would protect me.  I lost faith because I brought my brand new Bible with me, in hopes I would be protected, but I wasn’t.

Through all the pain and suffering I had to face, I kept my love for God.  I was confused and I was mad that God would make me go through this stuff.  However, I had a grandfather who would sit me down and read me from the Bible.  I had a grandfather that taught me the love of God.

I got a new Bible and can’t wait for my husband to write a message in me. It is purple, my favorite color.  The first thing I read was Psalm 27.  It is one of my favorite chapter of the Bible.

I got to the part where it said, “I would have lost heart, if I had not believed.” That just touched my heart so much.  I connected with it.  I am taking it as my anthem or life saying.  I would have lost heart, if I had not believed.


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