“Late at night,…

“Late at night, the darkness becomes a screen and my mind a projector of the tragedy in my life. It hurts to think about it, but I can’t stop.” -Morgan Feese



  1. Hi ^.^, I am not use to approaching people like this so bare with me. Umm I am trying to get a hold of a concept, or an idea I guess. I asked the Foster Alum of MD, well no one has responded yet, but I asked. But I wanted to ask you a question, and I didn’t know how else to contact you, other then through the comment bar. So, can I ask you a semi-personal, kinda philosophical question?


  2. Love to me is a choice. Not the type of choice that you use to decide to eat or wear. It is a mentality. It is kind of like a positive attitude. When you wake up in the morning and decide that despite the pain and betrayal, you choose to be happy. I choose to love. I choose to not let his and their disgusting behaviors bring me down. They could have caused me to stop loving, but they can’t take that away from me. I won’t let them. It is my choice and I choose to love.


  3. I am qualified as a survivor of all kinds of abuse and I love this question. Love, to me, is final. I do not believe you can. Love somebody and then not love them…even after unspeakable tragedy. That we love them is a large portion of the gravity of the tragedy. However, just because for whatever reason I love the people that hurt me doesn’t mean they get the fruit of that love, and that, that is probably the biggest tragedy of all…you robbed me of fully loving you, now it’s trapped and you’ll never see its merits.


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